Points System

The Fantasy Points Per Game metric is an average of the total fantasy points divided by the matches played. The FPPG is a very useful metric to find out which players are definitely worth having in your team

Normal Points

Type of PointT20ODITestT10
For being part of the Starting XI4444
For every run scored1111
Wicket (Except Run-Out).25251625
Run out (Catcher)6666
Run out (Thrower)6666
Dismissal for duck (Batsmen, Wicket-keeper and All-rounder).-2-3-4-2

Bonus Points

Type of pointT20ODITestT10
Every boundary hit1111
Every six hit2222
30 run Bonus4N/AN/A+8
Half century84416
Maiden over124NA16
3 Catch44NA4
LBW / Bowled+8+8+8+8
2 WicketsNANANA+8
3 Wickets4NANA+16
4 Wickets844NA
5 wickets or more1688NA

Economy Rate

Type of pointT20ODITestT10
Applicable for players bowling minimum overs2 overs5 oversN/A1 over
Below 2.5 runs per overN/A+6N/AN/A
Between 2.5 – 3.49 runs per overN/A+4N/AN/A
Between 3.5 – 4.5 runs per overN/A+2N/AN/A
Below 5 runs per over+6N/AN/AN/A
Between 5 – 5.9 runs per over+4N/AN/AN/A
Between 6 – 7 runs per over+2N/AN/AN/A
Below 7 runs per overN/AN/AN/A+6
Between 7 – 8 runs per overN/A-2N/A+4
Between 8 – 9 runs per overN/A-4N/A+2
Above 9 runs per overN/A-6N/AN/A
Between 10 – 11 runs per over-2N/AN/AN/A
Between 11.01 – 12 runs per over-4N/AN/AN/A
Above 12 runs per over-6N/AN/AN/A
Between 14 – 15 runs per overN/AN/AN/A-2
Between 15.01 – 16 runs per overN/AN/AN/A-4
Above 16 runs per overN/AN/AN/A-6

Strike Rate

Type of pointT20ODITestT10
Applicable for players batting minimum balls10 balls20 ballsN/A5 balls
Between 40-50 runs per 100 ballN/A-2N/AN/A
Between 60-70 runs per 100 ball-2N/AN/AN/A
Between 50-59.9 runs per 100 ball-4N/AN/AN/A
Between 30-39.9 runs per 100 ballN/A-4N/AN/A
Below 50 runs per 100 ball-6N/AN/AN/A
Below 30 runs per 100 ballN/A-6N/AN/A
Between 70 – 80 runs per 100 ballsN/AN/AN/A-2
Between 60 – 69.99 runs per 100 ballsN/AN/AN/A-4
Below 60 runs per 100 ballsN/AN/AN/A-6
Between 120.01-140 runs per 100 ballsN/A+4N/AN/A
Between 100-120 runs per 100 ballsN/A+2N/AN/A
Between 130-150 runs per 100 balls+2N/AN/AN/A
Between 150-170 runs per 100 ballsN/AN/AN/A+2
Between 150.01-170 runs per 100 balls+4N/AN/AN/A
Between 170.01-190 runs per 100 ballsN/AN/AN/A+4
Above 140 runs per 100 ballsN/A+6N/AN/A
Above 170 runs per 100 balls+6N/AN/AN/A
Above 190 runs per 100 ballsN/AN/AN/A+6
  • The cricketer you choose to be your GAMESYS11 Cricket Team’s Captain will receive 2 times the points.
  • The Vice-Captain will receive 1.5 times the points for his performance.
  • Substitutes on the field will not be awarded points for any contribution they make.
  • In case of any transfer of a real-life player in the intervening period between scheduled updates, such transfer shall not be reflected in the roster of players until the next scheduled update. Please note that while the transferred player will be available for selection in the transferred team’s roster of players in a Contest during the intervening period, no points will be attributed to such transferred player in the course of such contest.