Winning and Earning by becoming Fantasy Cricket Expert

Have you ever thought of winning and earning money just by giving opinions, expert advice, and making a demo team on an application with your personal knowledge? You don’t have to invest anywhere; just create your team on a fantasy application. When someone selects your team and wins the league, you will be getting 10% of the winning amount. Sounds interesting, right? In this article, we will guide you in details about winning and earning by becoming fantasy cricket expert.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a popular online game that falls under the fantasy sports genre. In this game, players create a virtual team consisting of real cricket players. The performance of these real players in actual matches determines the points scored in the fantasy cricket game. The objective is to accumulate the maximum points and achieve the highest rank on the leaderboard. Fantasy cricket is not just limited to international formats but is also extensively played in domestic leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other domestic leagues. In these leagues, the concept remains similar to that in international formats, where participants create virtual teams based on real players participating in the actual league matches.

Fantasy Sports are Legal in India and Constitutionally Protected

How to Become a Fantasy Cricket Expert?

Tips and tricks to become a fantasy cricket expert
Tips and tricks to become a fantasy cricket expert

Becoming a fantasy cricket expert is not easy if you want to become a fantasy cricket Expert. For example, you are searching for tips and tricks to win a contest. No, this is not the solution of becoming a fantasy cricket expert. You should be focusing on the data, you should know about each player’s strong points (which player can turn around the game in a pressure situation). It requires a combination of statistical analysis with strategic thinking enhancing your chances of success in fantasy cricket. Remember, the key is to stay informed and adapt your strategies based on the latest information available.

Understanding the Fantasy Point System

Each fantasy cricket application has its unique point system. It’s crucial to understand how points are awarded for runs, wickets, catches, and other on-field performances. Familiarize yourself with the scoring rules to maximize your team’s potential.

Research on Player Statistics and Injury Reports

Stay updated with the latest player statistics, including their recent form, performance history, and injury status. This information is vital in selecting players who are likely to perform well.

Analyzing Pitch Conditions

The nature of the pitch plays a significant role in a cricket match. If it’s a batting-friendly pitch, prioritize batsmen and all-rounders in your team. Conversely, on a bowling pitch, focus more on bowlers.

Player Performance on Specific Grounds

Some players perform exceptionally well on certain grounds. Check historical data to see how players have performed on the venue of the match.

Head-to-Head Matchups

Analyze how batsmen fare against specific bowlers and vice versa. Understanding these matchups can give you an edge in selecting players who have a favorable record against their opponents.

Captain’s Toss Records

Knowing the captain’s history with the toss can be an advantage. This insight might help in predicting whether a team will bat or bowl first, influencing your team selection.

Average Scores on the Ground

Research the average scores made on the match venue. This can guide you in balancing your team with either more batsmen or bowlers, depending on the pitch nature.

Player Form Against Opponents

Evaluate how players have performed against their current opponents in past matches. This can be a good indicator of their potential performance.

Team Head-to-Head Records

Look at the recent form of the teams and their head-to-head record. This can provide a sense of which team might dominate, influencing your player choices.

Choosing Captain and Vice-Captain Wisely

These players earn extra points, so their selection is crucial. Choose players who are consistent performers and in good form.

Always think “Out Of the Box”

Suppose 70% of the users have selected a X player as captain and 80% have selected Y player as Vice-Captain. So your strategy would be how to get ahead of them in fantasy points? You are not going to select the same as captain and vice-captain as you will find a lot of competition in that. Think something out of the Box (Select Captain and Vice Captain who has a very low percentage of selectors). Make sure you have checked their stats against the opposition and previous innings on that ground. It will be less competitive (compared to the other options).

Why You Need Fantasy Cricket Expert Tips

Become a Fantasy Expert on Gamesys 11

Gamesys 11 is a fantasy cricket app that allows you to use your cricket knowledge to earn money. If you are good at predicting cricket matches and player performances, you can become a fantasy expert on Gamesys 11. Here’s how:

  • Download and Register: First, download the Gamesys 11 application from the Play Store. Once installed, open the app and register yourself. You can sign up using your email address and mobile number, or quickly sign up through your Google or Facebook account.
  • Become an Expert: On the app, click on the three dots on the left-hand side to access the menu. Look for the option to become an expert. You will need to fill in some details about yourself, such as your name, email ID, state, and contact information. After filling in these details, submit your application.
Become-a-Fantasy-Cricket-Expert on gamesys 11
Become-a-Fantasy-Cricket-Expert on gamesys 11
  • Wait for Verification: After submitting your details, you will receive a notification that your details have been sent for verification. The verification process typically takes 24-48 hours.
  • Create Your Expert Team: Once your expert status is confirmed, select a match and create your expert team. Use your knowledge and skills to pick the best players for the match.
Fantasy Cricket expert stats on gamesys 11
Fantasy Cricket expert stats on gamesys 11
  • Earn from Your Expertise: If a user selects your team from the expert section and wins, you earn a percentage of their winnings. For example, if a user plays in a Grand League with a winning prize of ₹2,00,000 and wins using your team, you will automatically receive ₹20,000.

Gamesys 11 offers a unique opportunity for cricket enthusiasts to leverage their understanding of the game to earn rewards. By analysing player performances, pitch conditions, and other cricketing nuances, you can create winning teams and help others win while earning a share of their winnings.

Remember, this process requires a good understanding of cricket, strategic thinking, and staying updated with the latest cricket news and player performances.

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