Top 5 Players with Most Runs Off One Over in a Test Cricket Match

One of the most exciting things about cricket is seeing a batter take a bowler to task in a single over. And how do you feel when it starts happening in Test cricket? Test cricket is famous for its strategic depth and endurance, but every once in a while, there are times of explosive brilliance that will go down in cricketing history. One of these times is when a batter scores a lot of runs in a single over, which goes completely against Test cricket (not logically). You will be amazed to know that JJ Bumrah is on top of the list for scoring the most runs in one over in Test cricket, ahead of one and only legend Brian Lara. Check out this article to learn more about the players who have used overs to make history by doing things that are both rare and amazing.

Most Runs Scored in One Over in Test Cricket

Jasprit Bumrah 35 Runs

In a remarkable over in Test cricket history, India’s Jasprit Bumrah unleashed a record-breaking assault on England’s Stuart Broad at Edgbaston, scoring 35 runs in one over off test cricket (most runs conceded in one over of test cricket). Here’s a simple breakdown of ball by ball in that historic over:

  • First Ball: Bumrah started the over with a bang, hooking the first delivery for a four off a top edge.
  • Second Ball: Broad’s next delivery was a bouncer that went awry, soaring over the wicketkeeper’s head for five wides, adding an unexpected bounty to India’s total without a bat being swung.
  • Third Ball (No-ball): The drama intensified as Bumrah connected with a no-ball for a six, the ball flying off another top edge. This no-ball added a total of seven runs to the tally (six runs for the shot and one extra run for the no-ball).
  • Fourth Ball: Broad, perhaps unsettled by the events, bowled a full toss that verged on being another no-ball due to its height. Bumrah capitalized, smashing it through mid-on for another four.
  • Fifth Ball: An edged shot for four to fine leg took India past the 400-run mark, as Bumrah’s blade continued to wreak havoc.
  • Sixth Ball: Not done yet, Bumrah swung hard, almost losing his balance, to hit another boundary, showcasing his intent and power.
  • Seventh Ball: The record was sealed in style with Bumrah hooking a six off deep backward square leg, a shot that not only broke the record for the most runs in an over in Test cricket but also highlighted his aggressive batting prowess.
  • Eighth Ball: The over concluded with a scrambled single. Broad attempted a run-out of Mohammad Siraj at the non-striker’s end but failed, capping off an over that will be remembered for its sheer audacity and record-breaking achievement.
Ball 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Runs 4 5w 7 4 4 4 6 1

Brian Lara – 28 Runs

In a memorable over during a Test match at the Wanderers in 2003, Brian Lara, the West Indies batting legend, took on South African left-arm spinner Robin Peterson and scored 28 runs. Here’s a simple breakdown of what happened on each ball:

  • First Ball: Lara faced a short delivery and cut it fiercely square of the wicket, deciding against taking a single and staying on strike.
  • Second Ball: Peterson offered a flighted delivery, which Lara met with a hop forward, launching it over long-on for a massive six.
  • Third Ball: Continuing his assault, Lara hit another six, this time over mid-wicket, mirroring the power and style of the previous shot.
  • Fourth Ball: A slightly flatter and fuller delivery from Peterson was smashed straight down the ground by Lara for a boundary.
  • Fifth Ball: Lara didn’t let up, hitting the ball over the top for another boundary, his third of the over.
  • Sixth Ball: The final ball saw Lara cutting past point for yet another boundary, bringing the total runs from the over to 28.
Ball 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Runs 4 6 6 4 4 4

George Bailey – 28 Runs

In the final over of Australia’s second innings against England at the WACA, George Bailey tied Brian Lara’s record for the most runs scored in a single over in Test cricket by hitting James Anderson for 28 runs. Here’s a simple breakdown of Bailey’s remarkable over:

  • First Ball: Bailey starts aggressively with a hard cut over the slips for four runs, immediately setting the tone for the over.
  • Second Ball: He follows up with a powerful straight six that clears the sightscreen, showcasing his intent to dominate.
  • Third Ball: A two is clipped through the leg side, as Bailey smartly rotates the strike while still accumulating runs.
  • Fourth Ball: Bailey continues his assault with a well-placed swat through square leg for another boundary, keeping the pressure on Anderson.
  • Fifth Ball: Not letting up, Bailey hits another six down the ground, just clearing long-off, as he nears the record.
  • Sixth Ball: He seals the deal with a massive six into the crowd at long-on, equaling the record for the most runs in an over in Test cricket.
Ball 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Runs 4 6 2 4 6 6

Keshav Maharaj – 28 Runs

In a remarkable display of batting against England’s captain Joe Root, South Africa’s Keshav Maharaj scored 28 runs in a single over during the third Test match at St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth. This over equaled the record for the most runs scored in an over in Test cricket history. Here’s a simple breakdown of what happened in that over:

  • First to Third Balls: Maharaj aggressively hit Root for three consecutive fours, showcasing his intent right from the start.
  • Fourth and Fifth Balls: Not stopping at the boundaries, Maharaj escalated his attack by hitting two sixes, further piling on the runs and pressure on Root.
  • Sixth Ball: The over concluded with four byes, adding to the total without Maharaj having to swing his bat.
Ball 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Runs 4 4 4 6 6 4b

Shahid Afridi – 27 Runs

Boom Boom Afridi who is known for his aggressive hitting style and often going after bowlers right away, hit 4 huge sixes in a row off of Harbhajan Singh, who is known as the “Turbanator”. This iconic moment is from the 1st Test between India and Pakistan in Lahore on the 2nd day, January 14, 2006, Afridi launched an aggressive attack on Harbhajan Singh, scoring 27 runs in a single over.Here’s a simple breakdown of what happened in that over:

  • First Ball: Afridi smashes a massive six on mid-wicket, described as possibly a 120-yard hit.
  • Second Ball: He follows up with another six, this time straight down the ground, showcasing his power and precision.
  • Third Ball: Afridi hits his third consecutive six, even as Harbhajan changes tactics by bowling around the wicket. He again targeted the mid-wicket.
  • Fourth Ball: Harbhajan tried bowling slower, but Afridi swings the bat again for a fourth consecutive sixes targeting the leg side area.
  • Fifth Ball: The fifth delivery results in two runs. Afridi aims for another six but ends up with a mis-hit that lands inside the boundary.
  • Sixth Ball: Afridi takes a single to retain the strike, demonstrating his strategic play amidst the aggressive hitting.
Ball 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Runs 6 6 6 6 2 1


Top 10 Players with the Most Runs Scored in One Over in Test Cricket 

Runs Player Bowler Match Location
35 JJ Bumrah (4w4nb644461) SCJ Broad India v England Birmingham
28 BC Lara (466444) RJ Peterson West Indies v South Africa Johannesburg
28 GJ Bailey (462466) JM Anderson Australia v England Perth
28 KA Maharaj (44466b4) JE Root South Africa v England Port Elizabeth
27 Shahid Afridi (666621) Harbhajan Singh Pakistan v India Lahore
27 Harry Brook (644463) Zahid Mahmood England v Pakistan Rawalpindi
26 CD McMillan (444464) Younis Khan New Zealand v Pakistan Hamilton
26 BC Lara (406664) Danish Kaneria West Indies v Pakistan Multan
26 MG Johnson (446066) PL Harris Australia v South Africa Johannesburg
26 BB McCullum (466046) RAS Lakmal New Zealand v Sri Lanka Christchurch

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