Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our users and we take our best initiative to protect the privacy of our Users. The privacy of the information you disclose to us is governed and dealt with according to the rules and regulations stated in this Privacy Policy. Users agree and give consent to the collection and use of their personal information in the manner provided in this privacy policy and are deemed to have agreed to this privacy policy even when they use this application without reading this privacy policy.

In order to use our app services, you need to agree to our privacy policy, Terms and Conditions and other rules and regulations stated in our application. In case you don’t agree to this privacy policy you can discontinue using our services.

We reserve the right to modify any part of this Privacy Policy at our sole discretion without prior notice. We will however make our best efforts to notify our registered users about any changes to this Policy however we are not obligated to the same and we expect you to look over our Privacy Policy from time to time for any changes or modifications. If you don’t agree to our modified Terms you may discontinue using our services any time. Our application may contain links to third party sites and the use of your personal information is governed by the Privacy Policy of such sites. We don’t have any connection with such sites or the Privacy Policy they adopt. You should read the Privacy Policy of such apps carefully before providing any information to such apps.

What Information is collected from you?

Personally Identifiable Information: We collect information which relate to your identity at the time of registration, which may include the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account details and Details of Payment mode (Required only for availing paid services or making withdrawals)
  • Pan card details (Required only for availing paid services or making withdrawals)

Information other than Personally Identifiable:

We collect information other than that which relates to your identity such as your IP address, browser language, Log in information, password, browser type, URLs, domain names, number of clicks, landing pages, comments and posts, testimonials, date and time of your request, etc. We do not consider this information as personal in nature.

Social Networking Sites

In case you register an account or log in through your social networking sites, we can get access to your basic profile information to the extent allowed by you.

Mobile Devices

In case you use a mobile device including but not limited to smart phone or tablets for the purpose of accessing our site, your location and information in your contact list may be collected as per our terms and conditions of mobile App.


Cookies are small text files containing a string of alphanumeric characters which are used to identify your browser. When you access our app we send temporary or persistent cookies to your browser. A persistent cookie remains in your browser after you close it. We use cookies to improve our services, game management and security purposes. Cookies do not provide access to any personal information which may be there in your computer. You may choose to disable cookies by changing your Cookies setting in your browser, however, such change may cause disruption in the service we provide.

Use of information provided by you

We do not sell, share or disclose your information to third parties without your consent, and disclose your personal information only in the manner stated in this Privacy Policy.

We use your personally identifiable information for the purpose of providing you the services of this application and to operate, maintain the features and functionality of GAMESYS11 , which includes but is not limited to the following purposes:

  • For the purpose of responding to any inquiries.
  • For the purpose of informing you about our products and services, any new changes or features, new offers, special events, etc.
  • For the purpose of providing you our services, including our games, making payment, receiving payment for allowing you to enter a contest, etc.
  • For the purpose of enforcement of any services we provide:
  • We use your email address for informing you about our products and services, any new changes or features in our application, new offers and special events and for administrative purposes.
  • We use cookies to ensure that you don’t have to log in again using the log in information next time you visit our app, or to monitor usage or our site including total number of visitors in our app and their preferences, etc.
  • We may disclose your personally identifiable information to our agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, representatives, business partners for the purpose of providing the services and facilities promised to you, including without limitation for the purpose of making any payment to you, for receiving any payment from you for entering into any contest, for verifying your identity, etc.
  • We may disclose your log in information and passwords to our associated sites, partners, affiliates or representatives for the purpose of marketing, cross selling, for registration or creation of accounts in our associated sites.
  • We may post regarding your activities through our app in your social networking site to the extent allowed by you, which shall allow you contacts or friends to see your activities in our site.
  • User data, personal and demographics profile may be used to suggest friends to a particular user, point No. 1 and 2 added Your messages or comments in any chat room or chat forum and your real name may be made visible publicly to all Users of the application including those not logged in to the site or those who don’t have an account.
  • Testimonials given by the user regarding the services may be made visible in any pages of our app and in the websites of our partners, affiliates, third party apps for the purpose of promotion and marketing of this app services and products.

When We Disclose your Information to Third Parties:

We can disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties only under the following circumstances:

  • When you give express permission to disclose the information to a third party.
  • When any law enforcement authority requests us to disclose such information for the purpose of any investigation or because of any order or decree passed by a judicial authority against any User.
  • When we face a security issue because of alleged acts on the part of any User or Users and disclosure of information without permission is justified because it is necessary in order to protect the rights, interests, property, and safety of GAMESYS11 , its Users, or others.

Further Queries:

You may contact us by visiting our contact page or mail us at for any query regarding privacy or in case you have complaints regarding violation of this Privacy Policy.