C.S.K vs R.C.B Head-to-Head Records in I.P.L History

The India’s Premier League (I.P.L) has produced many thrilling matches, but few rivalries are as intense as the one between Chennai (C.S.K) and Bangalore (R.C.B). These two teams have met numerous times, with each match adding a new chapter to their long-running rivalry. C.S.K is led by the captain cool MS Dhoni, is renowned for its consistency and strategic prowess. In contrast, R.C.B is led by the explosive Virat Kohli, is well-known for its aggressive batting and star-studded lineup. 

The head-to-head record between C.S.K vs R.C.B tells an intriguing story of cricket rivalry, complete with nail-biting finishes, individual brilliance, and team dominance. As we look into the details of their encounters, we will look at how these two teams have fared against one another over the years, as well as the memorable moments they have provided for cricket fans all over the world.

C.S.K vs R.C.B: One-on-One Records

Total Number of Matches Matches Won by R.C.B Matches Won by C.S.K No Result
31 10 20 1

In the I.P.L’s action-packed history, clashes between C.S.K and R.C.B have always dominated the spotlight. Their most recent meeting in Match 24 of the I.P.L 2023 was no exception. The match played at the bustling M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, was a high-octane drama that kept fans on the edge of their seats. C.S.K, known for rising to the occasion, scored a daunting total of 226 runs. 

Devon Conway was the star of the show, scoring 83 runs off 45 balls. Shivam Dube’s explosive innings added fuel to the fire with a rapid 52 off 27. R.C.B’s bowlers struggled, with young Vijaykumar Vyshak feeling the heat, conceding 62 runs for a single wicket. When R.C.B took on the chase, captain Faf du Plessis and dynamic Glenn Maxwell gave it their all. Despite their valiant efforts, including a fierce 76 from Maxwell, R.C.B fell 8 runs short. Conway, with his game-changing innings, deservedly won Player of the Match, adding another memorable performance to this tense rivalry.

Take a look at the total match records of C.S.K vs R.C.B in I.P.L history

Date Venue Winner Margin
17-Apr-23 Bangalore Chennai  8 runs
12-Apr-22 Navi Mumbai Bangalore 23 runs
04-May-22 Pune Chennai 13 runs
25-Apr-21 Mumbai Chennai 69 runs
24-Sep-21 Sharjah Chennai 6 wickets
10-Oct-20 Dubai (DSC) Bangalore 37 runs
25-Oct-20 Dubai (DSC) Chennai 8 wickets
23-Mar-19 Chennai Chennai 7 wickets
21-Apr-19 Bangalore Bangalore 1 run
25-Apr-18 Bangalore Chennai 5 wickets
05-May-18 Pune Chennai 6 wickets
21-Apr-15 Bangalore Chennai 27 runs
03-May-15 Chennai Chennai 24 runs
21-May-15 Ranchi Chennai 3 wickets
18-May-14 Ranchi Bangalore 8 wickets
24-May-14 Bangalore Chennai 5 wickets
13-Apr-13 Chennai Chennai 4 wickets
18-May-13 Bangalore Bangalore 24 runs
12-Apr-12 Chennai Chennai 5 wickets
25-Apr-12 Bangalore No Result
16-Apr-11 Chennai Chennai 21 runs
22-May-11 Bangalore Bangalore 8 wickets
24-May-11 Mumbai Chennai 6 wickets
28-May-11 Chennai Chennai 58 runs
23-Mar-10 Bangalore Bangalore 36 runs
31-Mar-10 Chennai Chennai 5 wickets
20-Apr-09 Port Elizabeth Chennai 92 runs
14-May-09 Durban Bangalore 2 wickets
20-Apr-09 Johannesburg Bangalore 6 wickets
28-Apr-08 Bangalore Chennai 13 runs
21-May-08 Chennai Bangalore 14 runs

Top 5 players with most runs in C.S.K vs R.C.B matches

Here are the top five players with the most runs in C.S.K vs R.C.B games:

  1. Virat Kohli (R.C.B)
  2. MS Dhoni (C.S.K) 
  3. Suresh Raina (C.S.K) 
  4. Faf du Plessis (R.C.B & C.S.K)
  5. AB de Villiers (R.C.B)

Virat Kohli (R.C.B) – 999 runs

Virat Kohli, playing for R.C.B, is one run away from making 1000 runs against C.S.K. He is the leading run-getter in this matchup, appearing each time they meet.

MS Dhoni (C.S.K) – 751 runs

MS Dhoni has scored 751 runs for C.S.K in matches against R.C.B. He is known for hitting the most important runs, making him the go-to guy in crunch time.

Suresh Raina (C.S.K) – 710 runs

Suresh Raina scored 710 runs for C.S.K against R.C.B. He is consistent in the crease, and we know he has contributed some valuable runs almost every time.

Faf du Plessis (R.C.B & C.S.K) – 530 runs

Faf du Plessis scored 530 runs while playing for both R.C.B and C.S.K. He is a versatile batter who can score runs early on or late in the innings.

AB de Villiers (R.C.B) – 399 runs

AB de Villiers has scored 399 runs for R.C.B in these matches. His batting is consistently impressive, with some of the most entertaining shots in cricket.

C.S.K vs R.C.B First Match I.P.L 2024: Venue, Date, and Time

Venue – MA Chidambaram Stadium

Date – 22 March, 2024

Time – 08:00 p.m

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