Who took the most wickets in a single I.P.L season

The India’s Premier League (I.P.L) has always been a battleground for cricketers to shine, especially bowlers who aim to leave their mark with the most wickets in a single I.P.L season. This particular achievement is highly coveted, as it reflects not just a player’s ability to take wickets but also their crucial role in leading their team to victory. Bowlers from all teams prepare for the season with the same objective in mind: to outscore one another in the competition for the top spot in the wickets column. This record indicates a bowler’s ability, tactics, and tenacity during the demanding I.P.L matches. The race to take the most wickets in one I.P.L season is an exciting feature that keeps spectators on the edge of their seats. In this article, we will discuss who took the most wickets in a single I.P.L season

Harshal Patel and Dwayne Bravo: Record Holders for Most Wickets in a Single I.P.L Season

Harshal Patel – 32 Wickets in 15 matches

Harshal Patel, from Gujarat, has made I.P.L history by taking the most wickets in single I.P.L season. Making waves since his I.P.L debut in 2012, the 2021 season truly showcased his abilities. Harshal, who played for R.C.B, made headlines with an incredible haul of 32 wickets in 15 matches, helping his team advance to the playoffs. Known for his precision and ability to deliver under pressure, he had an exceptional strike rate, including a career-best 5/27 against Mumbai. This remarkable season also coincided with his debut for the national team, establishing 2021 as a watershed moment in his career.

Dwayne Bravo – 32 Wickets in 18 matches

Dwayne Bravo, known as one of cricket’s most dynamic all-rounders, has also had a significant impact on the I.P.L, particularly during the 2013 season. Bravo’s exceptional seam bowling ability was on full display as a key player for the C.S.K. He took 32 wickets in 18 matches, matching Harshal Patel’s record for most wickets in single I.P.L season. His best figures of 4/42 came in a crucial final match against Mumbai at Eden Gardens. Despite his monumental efforts throughout the season, Chennai were defeated in the final, with Mumbai winning their first I.P.L title. Bravo’s performance in 2013 solidified his legacy, not just as a capable batsman but as a formidable bowler in the I.P.L’s history.

Kagiso Rabada – 30 Wickets

Kagiso Rabada, the formidable South African pacer, has consistently been among the I.P.L’s top bowlers. Although he just missed the Purple Cap in 2019, he captured it in the following year with a performance that would be remembered as one of the best in the I.P.L’s history. In 2020, Rabada was the leading wicket-taker with 30 wickets, helping his team, Delhi, advance to the I.P.L finals. His ability to deliver crucial wickets and maintain a competitive edge throughout the tournament earned him the accolade of having the second-highest number of wickets in a single I.P.L season.

Lasith Malinga’s – 28 Wickets

Lasith Malinga, often referred to as the ‘Yorker King,’ has set the gold standard for pacers in the I.P.L. Known for his unique slinging action and pinpoint accuracy, Malinga’s performances have been pivotal in making Mumbai a powerhouse in the league. The 2011 season saw him at his peak, where he claimed the Purple Cap for the most wickets. His impressive tally of 28 wickets not only boosted Mumbai but also ranked him with the third-highest wickets taken in a single I.P.L season.

James Faulkner – 28 Wickets across 16 matches

In 2013, James Faulkner, the Australian all-rounder, proved to be a vital asset for the Rajasthan. While he may not have won the Purple Cap that year, his performances etched his name in I.P.L history. With his clever variations and death bowling skills, he secured 28 wickets across 16 matches, equalling Malinga’s record from 2011. His standout moment came with a five-wicket haul against the Sunrisers. Faulkner’s efforts were a significant reason the Rajasthan came tantalizingly close to the finals, and his contribution is still celebrated among the league’s most memorable bowling feats.

Mohammad Shami – 28 Wickets

In the 2023 season, Mohammad Shami emerged as one of the I.P.L’s frontline pacers. His relentless pace and skillful seam movement have made him a key player for his franchise. Shami’s performances throughout the season were a testament to his growth and consistency in the league. With a total of 28 wickets, he has become a prominent figure in the tournament, showcasing his ability to strike at crucial moments and turning the tides in favor of his team, affirming his position among the top wicket-takers of the season.

Mohit Sharma – 27 Wickets

The 2023 I.P.L season saw Mohit Sharma step up as a game-changer with his deceptive slower balls and sharp bouncers. He became a surprise package, outfoxing batsmen on numerous occasions and proving to be a strategic asset for his team. His haul of 27 wickets was achieved through a mix of skillful execution and tactical acumen, making him a standout performer for that year and securing his name in the list of top wicket-takers in a single I.P.L season.

Jasprit Bumrah – 27 Wickets

Jasprit Bumrah, renowned for his unorthodox action and toe-crushing yorkers, displayed his tactical mastery in the 2020 I.P.L season. His ability to deliver in the death overs and his effective use of the slower ball have made him one of the most feared bowlers in the league. With 27 wickets in that season, Bumrah was instrumental in several of his team’s victories, maintaining his reputation as a bowler capable of turning games around with his precise and calculated bowling.

Yuzvendra Chahal – 27 Wickets

Yuzvendra Chahal’s spin web was a highlight of the 2022 I.P.L. His mastery over leg-spin bowling, combined with a knack for reading the batsman’s mind, allowed him to tally 27 wickets. His performance included bamboozling batsmen with flight, turn, and guile, contributing significantly to his team’s overall success. Chahal’s consistency and strategic placement in the bowling lineup earned him a place among the elite bowlers of that I.P.L season.

Rashid Khan – 27 Wickets

Rashid Khan, the spin sensation from Afghanistan, continued to build his I.P.L legacy in the 2023 season. With his fast arm action and sharp leg breaks, he collected 27 wickets, matching the best in the league. Rashid’s ability to contain runs and strike in quick succession made him a dual threat, often changing the course of the game with his bowling spells. His performance in 2023 further cemented his status as one of the most effective and efficient spinners in the history of the I.P.L.

Year Player Matches Strike Rate Average Best 4 Wickets 5 Wickets
2021 H Patel 15 10.50 14.34 5/27 1 1
2013 D Bravo 18 11.70 15.53 4/42 1 0
2020 K Rabada 17 13.10 18.26 4/24 2 0
2011 L Malinga 16 13.50 13.39 5/13 0 1
2013 J Faulkner 16 13.50 15.25 5/16 2 0
2023 Mohammad Shami 17 13.92 18.64 4/11 2 0
2023 Mohit Sharma 14 9.81 13.37 5/10 2 1
2020 J Bumrah 15 13.30 14.96 4/14 2 0
2022 Y Chahal 17 15.10 19.51 5/40 1 1
2023 Rashid Khan 17 14.88 20.44 4/30 1 0

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